Talks 2023

Here is a list of the talks and performances that took place over two areas, the Education Space (off the main hall) and the Coal Store Conference Room (upstairs, accessible by lift).

Coal Store Conference RoomBook Talks

Ruth Kinna Anarchic Agreements: A Field Guide to Collective Organizing
Anarchic Agreements is a quintessential field guide for the revolution, answering the practical questions often left out of works of political theory and philosophy. Written by dedicated anarchist scholars and organizers, and based on the widely popular Anarchic Agreements pamphlet series, join Ruth for reading and discussion on grassroots activism and methods to improve and streamline decision making. 
Ruth Kinna is a professor of Political Theory at Loughborough University, working in the Department of Politics, History and International Relations, where she specializes in political philosophy. She is the author of William Morris: The Art of Socialism and co-editor of the journal Anarchist Studies.

Mike Finn History and the Anarchist Imagination
In this session Mike will discuss history as a battleground in terms of our understanding of how we think about pasts and futures, and what the potential and challenges are for activism.
Mike is an anarchist historian and activist based in Liverpool, UK. He is the author of Debating Anarchism (2021)

DaN McKee Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher: a memoir of struggle, grief, philosophy and hope
Exploring the various ways in which anarchist philosophy, atheism, and a background in DIY punk rock influenced one conflicted teacher’s approach to the classroom over twelve turbulent and thought-provoking years, ‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher’ is more than just a memoir of some teacher you’ve never met. It is philosophy of education, of anarchism, of authenticity, and of life. Throw in some personal history, the deaths of both of his parents to deal with on top of juggling all the professional absurdities that come with the job (not to mention having to teach through a global pandemic), and you have all the earmarks of a biographical classic.
DaN McKee is an anarchist, atheist, punk rock teacher of philosophy and religion who lives in the West Midlands with his wife, his cat, and way too many books. He is the author of Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism and has published academic philosophy papers on anarchism, education, punishment, and punk.

Education Space: Workshops

Tipping Point Tech and Organising Drop in Space
A drop in space to talk about the organising work you are doing, sharing the battles and concerns with trying to organise anything in a overwhelmingly digital world. There will be a focus on creating solutions together, and well as re-framing the way we think about our relationships with tech. This is for anyone, with an aim to leave no one behind. We will be introducing to some organising tools that make up Tipping Point UK’s Tech Hub ( ) that might make some of the work you are doing easier.

Right to Roam GM Anarchy and Land Justice
In this workshop Right to Roam Greater Manchester will use storytelling and discussion to bring you a short introduction into how land access struggles in Manchester, historical and present, cross paths with the struggle for anarchism. You’ll also find out what’s happening locally and how we can take action collectively in the North West.

Earth First! Radical Ecological Anarchism
How can we agitate, radicalise, activate and weaponise the increasing anger of those woken from slumber by the acrid smoke of a burning planet? How do we move from shallow climate populism to radical ecological anarchism? How do we build mass movements without sacrificing our ideals? How do we set our sights higher while keeping view of the beautiful idea ever on the horizon? How do we shift the strategic terrain from civil disobedience to ecological resistance, from accountable to anonymous, from public disruption to property destruction? How do we foment green anarchy in the UK?

Vishwam Heckert Revitalising Anarchist Movements
What ways of moving revitalise us? How can our daily practices revitalise social movements? Together we will experience and explore healing on all levels from the individual to the global, love & anarchy, and the secret revolutionary potential of yoga. Every body welcome.
(Please note: Some gentle physical movements may be offered for those who would like them).
Vishwam Gurudas Heckert is a heart-centred yoga teacher and trainer as well as the author of numerous essays on anarchism. You can find out more at