Talks 2021

This year the situation re: talks is a little different as we have to manage numbers due to social distancing measures.

However we can announce a limited number of book/ author talks plus some live music in the Education Space just off the main Engine Hall.

The line up is however subject to change and we will try and ensure that information here is updated as quickly as possible if there are any changes.

11am-12noon: D. Hunter Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitors (Lumpen Publishing)

Tracksuits, Traumas and Class Traitor the book is about the ways in which economically and socially marginalised people practice abolition on a daily basis. It’s about the fight for dignity in the face of unrelenting contempt. It uses some of the authors own experience living in poverty throughout his first 25 years, as he goes in and out of prison, the care system and homelessness, and how he and his fellow travellers navigate trauma and each other. It’s about the violence of white supremacist patriarchal capitalism, and the ways in which this violence hurts our bodies and minds. It’s about love, care and solidarity being the everyday revolutionary practice from below.

12noon-1pm: Julian Langer Feral Life: Meditations on Rewilding and Anarchy (Independently Published)

“Langer’s work is both an ontological death chant aimed at the belly of this eco phagic, blood soaked juggernaut of a civilisation and a philosophical love poem intent on answering the healing seduction that wild nature sings to our fettered beings. His insistance on clarity, beauty and absurdity is refreshing and vital to these troubled times. Essential reading for anyone bent on outliving leviathans fetid touch.” Simon Bramwell, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

1pm-2pm: Jez Sings Things (Live Music)

Described as an “anarchist Victoria Wood” Jez plays keyboard and writes clever witty songs that will change the way you think.  She has extensively gigged on her own steam all around the UK and Europe.

2pm-3pm: Boff Whalley Faster! Louder! How a punk rocker from Yorkshire became British Champion Fell Runner (Great Northern Books)

Author and Chumbawamba guitarist Boff Whalley tells the true story of how a teenage punk from Yorkshire, seemingly existing on a diet of cider, parties and loud music, rose to the top in the toughest of sports.
This is the fascinating story of how an unlikely and eccentric runner became, against all expectations, the British Champion. It’s a tale that focusses on the races that made up Gary Devine’s victorious 1990 season, while opening out to understand how the unruly, fearless ethos at the heart of punk could chime perfectly with the spirited, gutsy and dauntless root of mountain running; how the elements of surprise and daring are central to both. It’s a near-perfect underdog narrative, a drama that traces one boy’s life from ordinary schoolkid to extraordinary winner – all against a backdrop of alcohol, fights, arrests and extreme guitar noise.

Copies of all the books will be available at the bookfair.

Bookfair supported by: Radical Routes
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