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The lack of a radical bookshop in Manchester was the reason for organising an Anarchist Bookfair in Manchester.

It is a place for anarchists to meet other anarchists and share ideas, and for those interested in anarchism to find out more.
I was therefore saddened to hear that Freedom, London’s oldest anarchist bookshop and home to a substantial paper archive of radical literature, was fire bombed in the early hours of 1st
February 2013 (pics: No one was hurt – but there is considerable damage to the building. There is a clean-up today (2 Feb) – but if you can’t make it or have missed it, consider supporting Freedom via donations, especially since it does not have any insurance or means to . They are in the process setting up a donation page – but for the meantime you can donate by ordering a book/s through the website, and emailing them at to let us know that your purchase
was a donation.
Please share this information.

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