Stalls 2022

This is the work in progress list of stalls for this year’s Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.

It’s a mix of anarchist groups, radical publishers, campaigns plus DIY/grassroots zines and record labels.

In the foyer:

PM Press (x2)


Manchester University Press


In the hall:

Active Distribution (x2)

Northern Herald Books

Under the Pavement Radio Show

One Way Ticket To Cubesville

The Cunningham Amendment

Forged Books

Bandicoot Distro

Problematic Distro

Anarchist Communist Network

Banned in Braille

Prejudice Me

Earth First!


Moral Decay

Pirate Press

Angry Workers

Anarchist Communist Group

Solidarity Federation

Gutter Gear Distribution

Advisory Service for Squatters

Dog Section Press

Manchester Hunt Sabs

MARC The Printers

The Alarm Magazine

DSFL Print Collective

Death of workers whilst building skyscrapers

0161 Festival

North East Anarchist Group

Anarchist Federation

Class Work




Packrat Distro

Greater Manchester & District CND

Radical Routes

If you have any questions please email

Thank you to Anarchist Studies Network, Sparrows Nest, Green & Black Cross and all our other friends who aren’t able to make it this year.  See you next year!