Stalls 2021


Due to social distancing measures we have had to reduce the number of stalls this year!

Here is the current list of stalls we’re expecting. This is subject to change!

In no particular order:

PM Press

Active Distribution

Dog Section Press

The Cunningham Amendment

One Way Ticket to Cubesville ‘zine/ Vegan Guides

Black Lodge Press

Northern Herald

Class Work

Pirate Press

Banned in Braille

Problematic Distro

Forged Books

Bandicoot Distro

Julian Langer

Tyneside Anarchist Archive

SolFed (Solidarity Federation)

Anarchist Federation

Anarchist Communist Group



Under the Pavement Radio Show

North-West Irregulars

Hunt Sabs

Angry Workers

Communist Workers Organisation

Prejudice Me

Advisory Service for Squatters

Green and Black Cross

0161 Festival

Alarm Phone

Peace Pledge Union

Radical Routes

Packrat Distro

Thanks to Minor Compositions, Theory & Practice, Less Than 500 and all our other friends who weren’t able to make it this year!

If you have any questions please email