Stalls 2017

The Cunningham Amendment
The Cunningham Amendment (formerly Anarchism Lancastrium), the longest surviving Anarchist journal in the U of K
“Probably the most beautiful anarcrisp booklet ever”.

Under The Pavement Radio Show
The long running anarchist radio show broadcast on Manchester’s ALL FM 96.9 community radio station.

One Way Ticket To Cubesville/ Vegan’s Guides
“Counter culture’s favourite toilet-read. Anarchy, absurdity and DIY music from this long-running punkzine” plus a selection of vegan guides and zines.

Pumpkin Records
“Pumpkin Records is a not for profit, DIY collective. We release records, we distribute music, we put on gigs and festivals, help with tour booking, run a recording studio and loads more”

pen fight distro
A little zine & DIY art distro based in Manchester. We sell self-published zines, badges, prints, and other nice things.

Prejudice Me Records & Distro
DIY benefit record label & distro that raises money for community groups and radical causes

PM Press
PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. PM Press co-conspirators have published and distributed hundreds of books, pamphlets, CDs, and DVDs.

Active Distribution
Active “distribute radical, primarily anarchist, literature”.

Haven Distribution- Books to prisoners
Haven distribution is a charity that sends books to prisoners. They have been active since 1996.

Solidarity Federation Manchester
Local anarcho-syndicalist group

Footprint Workers Co-operative
“We are a small ecologically minded printers based in Leeds.
We print booklets, zines, leaflets, stickers, newsletters, fliers, books, CD wallets and that sort of gubbins.
We are a workers co-operative, which means our business is owned by the workers. As we have no bosses we run it as we want, doing interesting jobs for interesting people”.

0161 Festival
“0161 Festival is held to raise money for anti-fascists throughout Europe, with a huge variety of music and activities going on throughout the weekend. It is to show that regardless of the music and style we are all united through the anti-fascist banner”.

Street Edge Manchester
Street edge is a radical working class sports and martial arts club aimed at providing a pay-what-you-can-afford cooperative.

International Brigade Memorial Trust
The International Brigade Memorial Trust preserves the values and memory of the men and women who left Britain and Ireland to help the Spanish workers and peasants defend the democratically elected Republican government during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, along with everyone who supported them in the various Aid for Spain organisations at home.

CRIBS International
CRIBS International is a women led charity providing accommodaion for refugees in Greece who have new babies or who are pregnant. We cover costs of housing and food where necessary as well as ensuring families have access to education and medical facilities. Our costs run to £2000 per month and we encourage folk to help us in any way possible. or find on Facebook CRIBS International

Anarchist Studies
Anarchist Studies is an inter- and multi-disciplinary journal of anarchism research, which has been publishing novel, refreshing and provocative arguments for over twenty years. The journal publishes original research on the history, culture, theory and practice of anarchism, as well as reviews of recent work published in the field. Stall hosts back issues for sale and subscription leaflets.

Close Capenhurst Campaign
The Close Capenhurst Campaign was founded in 2013 by a number of groups and organisations.
Our key aim is to close down the URENCO owned Capenhurst Uranium enrichment plant. and to show how the plant links in to the wider nukiller industry.
Our main concerns centres around the transport and use of Uranium Hex.
Plus the way in which nukiller waste is transported by Rail.

Hi Vis Press
Hi Vis Press specailises in literature and photography and publishes Low Light Magazine alongside novels, zines and whatever takes their fancy. They publish the offbeat, the idiosyncratic, the challenging, the humorous, the transgressive, the subversive. Real lives and real places.

Bolton Diggers
Bolton Diggers are an activist group dedicated to keeping alive the commons ideas of Gerrard Winstanley and the original diggers. They are involved in community food growing, anti-fracking, supporting homeless people and the destruction of capitalism. For their latest project they are converting a single-decker bus into a space for homeless people. At the book fair they are providing their speciality Digger Soup (vegan) made from reclaimed ingredients-any donations will go to the homeless project. Death to boring ‘party’ revolutionary politics!

Feeding Body and Soul
Photobook (for sale) and newspaper (about a specific community project- FREE) arising from visiting small scale, organic farmers and growers around England and Wales.

Anarchist Federation Manchester
“As anarchist communists we fight for a world without leaders, where power is shared equally amongst communities, and people are free to reach their full potential”.

Dog Section Press
A not-for-profit publisher of seditious literature.

Zine Angst
Zine Angst (formerly Zine Things) is the producer of a small collection of zines and perzines about mental illness, queerness, my cat Strax and feminism.

ACORN is a tenants union started in Sheffield, who are just starting a branch in Manchester.

Manchester based artist drawing mainly with a white pen on black paper, bringing madness to the method of creating art.
Prints and patches available for sale.
All profits will be donated to the Common Ground Benefit Fund

Mary Quaile Club
The Mary Quaile Club was set up in December 2013, and  holds  regular events on working class history and its links with contemporary political issues facing working people in Tory Britain. The founders of the Club feel that conferences and seminars on working class history are often too academic in nature and fail to engage with a wider non-academic audience. We believe there is a new generation of political activists campaigning on issues such as the bedroom tax, the privatisation of the NHS, zero hours contacts, fracking, the slashing of welfare benefits etc who would like to  engage with discussions on history and politics, but who are not being reached at present.

Salford Star
For Salford, a magazine that’s different. It’s written and produced by people in Salford for people in Salford. And it’s totally independent. The Salford Star just aims to give the community a voice, to make public bodies a bit more accountable and to inform, campaign and entertain.

Manchester Zapatista Collective

Radical Routes
Radical Routes is a network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive social change. The network is made up mainly of housing co-ops of various sizes, a few workers co-ops and a couple of social centres.

AK Press
A worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material.

Banned in Braille
Banned in Braille is a cheap consciousness raising mag from Liverpool, with satire, news, puzzles and features about potentially anything. Includes the famous and controversial ‘Delta Adventures’ cartoon strip which explores what can happen when a minicab company becomes too powerful – even to the point where the physical laws of the universe can no longer be trusted.

Manchester IWW
The IWW is a global, revolutionary union for all workers. We organise in a directly democratic, grass roots method, focused on using direct action and solidarity to build a world without capitalism.

Nigel Todd
Selection of titles from Five Leaves publishing including Nigel’s own book “Roses and Revolutionists: The Story of the Clousden Hill Free Communist and Co-operative Colony 1894-1902″

Find out more about Partisan, the social centre venue for the Bookfair, and how you can volunteer and get involved.